Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rune Draw .... 21st March

Gebo ~ Partnership, A Gift

Just lately a lot of my 'feelings' from the runes are coming in song form and this is no exception - so for Gebo we get the lyric ....

Give him a great big kiss, MWAH.!
Tell him that I love him,
Tell him that I care,
Tell him that I'll always be there. 

This Rune is like a big kiss from the Universe, it is a Rune of giving and receiving, it can be a kiss to heal a hurt or a kiss to show love - but you can never give or receive a kiss in anger. You are loved is the message of this Rune!!!

Lyrics from Give Him a Great Big Kiss ......Shangri-Las (great 60's tune - I recommend it )

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