Monday, 19 March 2012

I walk with the Goddess.......

I dunno about pulling Wunjo reversed today - I am feeling all sorts of happy tonight ... it's probably something to do with hubby being back at work and so my evenings are my own again ....

And so tonight once I put the little one to bed .... I played I walk with the Goddess by Kelliana .... loudly and sang along .................even louder!!!

The cats are totally disgusted with me - but I have had a wonderful evening! It has really raised my spirits and put a smile on my face .....

love and light to all

bunni x x x


  1. I understand your elation. We have a diabetic dog that has been going through a tough time the last week or so. We are seeing a very good improvement and I was so elated last night when he ate his supper without me having to coaz him.

    It is such a freat feeling when things seem to be going right.

  2. Good for you for having a good old singsong!! I hadn't heard that song before so thanks for sharing it on your blog!!