Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I got a job....

How very apt was the Rune draw today - I've got a job, new beginning and a successful completion to the round and round of interviews!!

So, I shall be working again and all it took was a little hard work, dedication and a good ol' fashioned melt-down!!!

I guess the lesson here was for me to get angry - to stop just taking everything that was being thrown at me and to say "Hey I don't deserve this" because as soon as I had the meltdown things started to feel better

I know that I question my gut instincts a lot - but through out this whole interview process they didn't let me down .... even when I was being my most 'positive' I knew when things weren't right I guess (again) that you can't fake positiveness and expect the Divine to fall for it.........

I have come so far and in a relatively small space of time ... I started following this Path formally on 15th January 2010 ... and when I look back on pictures of that time - I do not recognise myself - not only do I no longer look like that, but I no longer feel the way I did then ........

That period was very dark for me on an emotional level - I'd just snapped my Achilles tendon and was bed-bound, my relationships with my children and my hubby were nothing like they are now (although we loved each other we couldn't speak to each other and we certainly didn't share any thing). 

Following my Path is not always easy, it's not all Unicorns and Rainbows (love that saying thank you Hippy!) but it's the best thing ever and brings me so much joy! 

love and blessings to all 

bunni x x x 

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  1. Hip, hip, hurrah. Glad for the good news. I'm glad you put the date you started following this path beause I started last year too. I'm pretty sure I have commented about this on your blog before, but I've slept since then and don't remember.

    Anyway, glad to hear you have a job and that things have been getting better.