Monday, 26 March 2012

Blockages and Seaside visits!

I had an amazing day yesterday as I spent it with two wonderful friends and also by the sea - I love being beside the sea just hearing the waves brings me such peace....  Although, once you have been to Niagra Falls then a trip to the British Seaside is a bit of let down noisewise!!!

Anyway, part of the reason I went is because my Sun chakra is blocked, now I do work with my chakra's but being honest I hadn't really worked with my Sun chakra (for those that are interested it is the one about a foot above your head the one that is a direct link with the Divine) the blockage in this chakra is the reason I am struggling to meditate and commune with the Divine and write my poems .....I didn't realise how much I missed my poetry until I couldn't do it.

So to clear the blockage I going to have  to work at it .... part of the work is to release my fears, worries and cynical nature ...... easy eh?? I had no idea how to do that - well whilst having my Akashic records read on Saturday the answer came through.....

Around my candle on my Imbolc altar I had an offering of mini chocolate eggs ..... and I asked my Record Keeper how to best dispose of them and the answer came that I was to take them to the seaside with me and 'unwrap' the fear and then release the fear/worry to the sea............

Yesterday we (well I wasn't going to throw chocolate away on my own.....) held a 'ritual' on the shore .... they took their chocolates and I took mine and after I said a few words (no idea what - but they did rhyme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) we threw the chocolate away..........

I then had the urge to get my feet wet so I slipped off my flip flops and waded in ........ now the sea was particularly calm but blooming cold and I really hadn't gone far - but while I was stood there a 'big' wave came and soaked one leg of my jeans ...... I think thats a good omen!

Tonight I am going to meditate with Selenite as that's good for releasing this blockage and hopefully, things will start to improve ...... 

love and blessings to all 

bunni x x x


  1. Ahhhh, the sea. I'm so happy to live within minutes of Her. Everytime I leave, I am cleansed. Glad to hear you feel well after your experience.

  2. *taps excited Bunni on the shoulder and whispers in ear*

    It was your Soul Star Chakra!