Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards - Colette Baron-Reid - Review

*blurb from the back of the box* 

Imagine ..... between the visible and the unseen is a guiding force that some call Spirit, the Holy Will, the Divine, the Field or Consciousness. Using this card deck by Colette Baron-Reid will connect you to that larger Consciousness and guide you as you travel along on the journey of your life. The themes of these cards represent some of the places you'll visit, the conditions you many encounter and the allies and challengers you'll meet as you navigate a metaphoric map of your life's journey..... The Enchanted Map Oracle cards were created in order to empower you to understand the story of your fate, destiny and free will; iand allow you to chart a course to live a life of deep purpose, true prosperity and vibrant love.

What can I say - I am in love with this cards - the artwork is simple and stunning (artist is Jena DellaGrottaglia and you can check out more of her work here) and yet again Colette Baron-Reid ** has come up with a set of cards that don't just talk to me - they sing ......

Colette has a way of writing that encourages you to think, feel and interact with the deck. Each card has an upright and reversed meaning, which is personally speaking my favourite way of reading the cards anyway because as we know nothing is 100% light or dark but a balance of the two.

The cards themselves are easy to handle with a gilt edge that gives them a 'royal' feel ... each card is numbered, which makes it easier to find in the accompanying handbook and there are 54 cards in the pack. The back of the card is the same upright or reversed.

All of the cards have a 'title' be it Intention or Ghostlands

I would recommend this deck to Beginner's and experienced readers alike - these cards are not as 'heavy' as some decks where you have to know your history / mythology and equally they are not just 'fluff'.

I will probably come back and review this deck again as I work with them more - but on first impressions I'd give them a 10

** Other Oracle decks by Colette Baron-Reid : Wisdom of Avalon and Wisdom of the Hidden Realm

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