Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Imbolc Altar 2012

Well, this is a first for me - the first time i've had an Altar just for the Sabbat / Season and you know what - it's definitely NOT going to be my last.  I enjoyed setting it up - but even more than that - I enjoyed embracing my craft and for the first time I did it without worrying what anyone else would say or think. 

So, here goes with the pictures ..... 

Face on  - from left to right:  Brigit's cross made by me, small crystal dish with Sunflower seeds, pink candle resting on a crystal dish with clear quartz (healing) green aventurine (prosperity) and rose quartz (love), picture of Brigit (taken from Goddess Guidance Oracle cards) and crystal bud vase holding red and white flowers..... base is white satin with red ribbon draped

Side view:  The flowers are situated beneath a sugar'd rose this was taken from the wreath when my Nan died - and a plaque given to me by my Anam Cara!

Side View:  At the end of the Altar is my 'money' plant

For those interested the plaque reads:  


There's a wonderful thing
that gold can not buy
a blessing that's rare and true. 
And that is the gift 
of a wonderful friend
like the friend I have in you! 

So, that's the focal point sorted - now I just have to work the ritual and find the words that I want to say and not say ones that have been written in books ........ 


  1. Lovely to see your altar - do pop along and see mine also

  2. Beautiful! Sweet and simple, like mine :D

  3. Love your altar design. It so looks like spring is finally about to come :-)