Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 - A Review

Year in review:

1: It's ok to feel lost - as there is always someone to come find you
2: There is always someone willing to listen - it just may not be the person you expect it to be
3: A good book is always a source of comfort - but sometimes a character can make you mad!!!!
4: Reading is good but 'hands on' practicals are always better and more fulfilling
5: Patience may be a virtue but it's a pain in the neck to learn!
6: We all walk this path to a different beat - sometimes we are faster than others and sometimes slower
7: I am STILL harsher on myself than on others
8: Being a Witch is not always easy - but it is always fulfilling
9: People come and go - but if they are in my heart I haven't lost them - I can always find them there
10: Daily affirmations DO work - and work well when worded properly
11: Just because I visualise it - doesn't mean I HAVE done it

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