Monday, 2 January 2012

Moving Forward.......

Ok, so the review has been done - the decorations are all down and now it's time to move forward with the Year!! 

I decided that this year I wasn't going to make any Resolutions for the year but to just resolve to be the best that I could be...... and I'm sticking to that - but ....... it won't hurt to put a few 'objectives' and 'goals' out there for the Universe to work on :-) 

I am going to resurrect my daily draws, I'm not sure why but any slight change in the 'norm' and my daily draws suffer - due to Christmas my Runes and Cards were packed up and sent upstairs until the festivities were over ........ but, they are now back down and in their normal place next to my chair :-) 

I have downloaded 'stickies' so that I can put post - it notes on my laptop - this will have the dual effect of a: reminding me what I should be doing and b: setting the intent in my mind and the Universe  - and the software was free and seems very easy to use ....... free is good!!!

I am really looking forward to starting The Outer Temple by Christopher Penczak - if it's anything like the Inner Temple then I am in for a fantastic journey....... 

I will also be working on the 'outer' me - I will be continuing to attend WW and will reach my goal weight!!! 

What are your goals, objectives or resolutions for 2012???

love and blessings to you all 

bunni x x x

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