Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I wanna be Barbie!!!

I am currently losing weight, I am doing it for myself not for anyone else, because I don't like carrying around several bags of sugar with me when I go shopping, I dislike the 'muffin top' that I display when I wear a pair of jeans.  The only 'muffin top' that I wish to see is on a moist blueberry muffin in a cake shop *drool* especially a Tim Hortons muffin - but that is a blog for another day!!! 

Now, when I say I wanna be Barbie - I don't mean the androgynous Barbie of today - I wanna be the 1950's Barbie, she curved in all the right places, she had a figure!! 

Now, before everyone starts yelling at me about conforming to the media sterotype of what a perfect woman should look like - let me be clear - I will never have a body like Barbie - I will never be a stick insect either (unless I get re-incarnated as one) I will always have curves and I'm proud of my curves - I just want to curve in at the waist and not out!!! 

You also have to admit - Barbie has done pretty well for herself, she's the only gal I know that has kept her figure, owns several houses, horses, cars and has managed to keep her man - and all that and she's managed to hold down a career as an actress, vet you name it and Barbie has done it - and not a wrinkle in sight!!! 

Now I don't know if this is true, or if it's one of those 'urban' myths - but I think I read somewhere that Barbie was modelled on Jayne Mansfield - if so I can definitely see the similarity .......... so maybe I don't want to look like Barbie - maybe I wanna look like Jayne - that lady had hips to die for ..... 

Or maybe I just want to invest in some good ol' suck it in and hold it there 1950's corsetry .... 

What I want to know is when did the media decide that we all had to look like sticks?? I've just been reading the paper and the current crop of 'stars' don't look like they've had a good, filling meal for years let alone days.  

Even the 'stars' that used to be know for their weight have conformed to the image of the skinny minnie - some of them do not look better they just look ill (in my opinion) - I have friends that I could put my hands round their waists that won't eat because they will get a 'food baby' stomach - that if they haven't run 20 miles and done 180 stomach crunches mope around for hours........ why?? they are intelligent women - they know they aren't fat - why conform to a media image that for most is just not viable - no matter how many runs, crunches, skips or jumps you perform - there are some women that will look like Barbie or Jayne but there are thousands more that will not!! 

Lose weight, be healthy, be happy - be Barbie or be Jayne - but be them because YOU want to be them not because the paper says we have to!! 

love and blessings to all 

bunni x x x

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  1. And that last line is the key - do it for you! It wont work otherwise. I'm journeying slowly along the path to health again too.