Sunday, 29 January 2012

Thoughts for a Sunday!

I am by nurture a very cynical person - with the good comes the bad and i've always been one to wait for the lovely bubble to burst and not actually enjoy the time IN the bubble - this is learned behaviour and has been learned over a period of many years and possibly many lifetimes ....

When I started this journey I believed everything would be rosy, all perfect - how could it not be right?? - well we know the bumps and boulders that have been presented to me - and the growth I've shown to get to where I am now but I AM a work in progress and there will be times that I wibble, wobble, blip and bluster - and that's ok too - because without those there would be no markers set in my road for me to look back on and see where the period of growth was and how much I've changed!

Just lately I've been shown why I need the physical one on one mentoring - I KNEW I had a gift - I KNEW that this gift shows up for me most when I meditate and I KNEW that I wasn't making all this stuff up .......... what I didn't know was how to read the sign when I wasn't meditating, when it showed in mundania - that is not shown in books (no matter how brilliant Christopher Penczak writes......)

I am an Air Element - I spend an awful lot of time in my head so I do miss the physical signals and omens that come my way but not anymore.

I am exploring my boundaries, stepping over that comfort zone and putting my head up over the parapet and at times it hurts, at times I wonder just what the heck i'm doing but doing it I am and loving it - even when I get hit by the 2 x 4 or have my butt kicked - because without risks life would get incredibly boring........yes???

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