Saturday, 14 April 2012

In Memory of my Mum

*shields up*

I feel so lost and oh so alone

This house is no longer a home

The heart of us has been ripped out

My mum has gone, she's not about

Tho I try to be brave and face each day

It's to you that my thoughts will stray

How I wasn't there at the end

And never told you, you were my friend

You died in Dad's arms, where you'd want to be

Is it selfish that it's my arms I want you now to be

When they came to take you away

I wanted to beg them to let you stay

You were my strength, my rock, my guidance too

I am so very lost and scared and don't know what to do

Dad is relying on me to be there and be strong

Mum I want you home where you belong!

I'll take each day, I'll live and breathe and cry

I'll see you in the twinkle in Jessica's eye

I'll see your face when I go to sleep

And I'll try to smile and no longer weep

Mum, if there was ever any doubt

Let me say it now, let me shout

I love'd you more than words can say

And together we'll be, just not today

love you mum x


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Mum. I'm sure she's with you. You are such an amazing soul she will be with you always. Hang in there sweetie. Huge Hugs and much Love <3

  2. :'( Beautiful. Feel the love, loss and grief in your words. Peace, love and comfort being sent yours and your family's way. )O(

  3. Lovely, Raven. Shielding didn't help me though...
    Sending you much love and support,

  4. Big squishy hugs big sister Raven <3 Love & light to you <3

  5. Big squishy hug big sis Raven <3 Love & light to you from the bottom of my heart