Sunday, 29 April 2012

Glastonbury, Crystals and Family

Yesterday, I was naughty I took a day off from the merry-go-round that is my life and took my family to Glastonbury for some crystals....

My two daughters, grandchild, hubby and I headed off in the car and drove through the rain to Glastonbury - my eldest daughter is just starting her journey and is full of questions ......... certainly made the journey go quicker :)

I am now the proud owner of Shaman is a powerful journeying stone amongst other qualites - and when I look into the stone I can feel myself falling and taking a wonderful journey - I'm really looking forward to working with this Crystal.

I also got:

Quantum Quattro
Sacred Seven

My daughter got Selenite to help her to calm down and to help with her IBS.

I also got (yes I know ....... spendthrift or what!!) a Salt tealight holder and a Salt Lamp

The one that I've got has a split in it (naturally occurred I didn't break it!!!) so I'm really looking forward to lighting that and seeing how the split works with the light - last night I put a tea light in the holder and the energy in the room feels so different today.........

Hubby has a cold coming (Glasto effect) and so today we are back to normal with the food shopping and housework - but I have to say that I had a magickal day yesterday - spent doing very little but with my wonderful family around me - yes they are wonderful - I just don't tell them often enough!

Have a great day - whatever you choose to do!


Raven x x x

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  1. Love crystals love salt tealight holder my Mother-in-Law bought me years ago has gone missing...(along with lots of other strange things happening to me lately, so not sure what that is all about), but it was beautiful...will have to get another one!...hope your hubby is better soon!...please can you do a spell to put a hold on the rain tho'?! tedious now!! LOL...