Friday, 20 April 2012

H is for Healing

I really didn't think I would be able to do another H post - especially as the previous one got no reaction at all - maybe I hit a nerve I don't know - perhaps I should have done H for Honesty.  But as I'm sat here I'm thinking of H is for healing and I'm actually thinking of one particular aspect of healing.............


I'm a Brit - and I've often pondered the reasoning for the Stiff Upper Lip - don't cry, don't show emotion, be stoic - why???

Tears are healing, they allow the sadness, desperation, grief, anger to flow down your face without any effort on your part - ok, admittedly you end up with a headache, puffy eyes and runny nose - but even the runny nose is cleansing!.... I've yet to meet anyone that looks good crying!

Think of all the times you've cried, when  you were a child you cried and someone would come to wipe your tears away and give you a cuddle and tell you that everything would be ok .......... yeah, I know we soon grow out of that and then we 'pretend' that it doesn't hurt, we 'pretend' that we are ok and that we can deal with all the brown, smelly stuff that gets thrown our way!

Tears are a way of showing you hurt, you don't have to bleed to hurt, you don't have to have scars or injuries, emotionally we are all a walking mass of bruises, scars and cut arteries so how can you show that - cry!

Let the water flow and when you do let the tears take any negativity, self loathing, anger and grief away - wipe it on a tissue and toss it down the loo!


  1. Great post! I must admit, I didn't read your other "h" post, but I'm going to asap.
    I agree wholeheartedly! I look at a good cry as detox, I often feel much better after getting it out of my system.
    (((Hugs))) and Blessings, my sister. And you cry as much as you need to, it'a all part of the grieving process. <3

  2. Ah yes nothing like a good old cry to shift the *cough* brown stuff, so to speak, heehee. Great post Big sis =) <3

  3. Loved this!! I find that if I cry because I'm angry I have no problem showing that. But any other reason and I somehow feel vulnerable. I definitely need to cry more, stop holding it all in!! Thanks for the reminder!