Sunday, 2 March 2014

Rune talks, lessons and workshops

I shall be giving a talk at this Mind, Body and Spirit Spring Fair - and it's way outside my comfort zone but that to me is what walking this Path is all about sharing knowledge...

Saying that I have been approached to write some Rune lessons which I would love to do - but that became the tussle inwardly do I or don't I charge - I'm all for one giving our knowledge to others but I also have to factor in my time and effort to write the lessons and then 'mark' them - so I settled on an energy exchange of £3 per lesson which is less than a packet of 10 cigarettes, I still feel a bit bad about it tho :(

I will also be doing a workshop in June about Runes - and I believe this is sold out already :o !!!

Seems I'm doing a lot of rune stuff :D and it's great as I love my runes :D

love and blessings to all

Lesley x x x ^i^

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