Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Are you really a Witch.....????

image courtesy of Anne Stokes 

When I talk to people I'm often asked "Am I really a Witch as I don't cast spells" - well, if that's the criteria then I'm not a witch, neither are a good few of the other witches I know and love,

Spell casting is really a very small part of being a witch and on the other hand its a HUUUUGE part.  You see ............ no.......... confused?

What I mean is that I rarely sit down and cast an actual spell with the cauldron bubbling and the incense burning and sending my intent for a specific outcome, however, I do on a daily basis put intent into everything I do.

When I stir the food on the stove I pour in love, health and happiness, when I am feeling blue or out of sorts I will say my affirmations I AM.......... two of the most important words in my opinion.

Basically, there are many ways to 'cast a spell' without all the fuss and hullabaloo that a full on ritual requires, don't get me wrong I quite like all the majesty of a full ritual - but for us modern witches, sometimes time is of the essence....

So, are you a Witch, if you feel it - then you are!

love and blessings to all

Lesley x x x ^i^

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