Friday, 28 March 2014

Growing pains ......

Today has been all about me being a big grown up and not the normal bouncy happy go-lucky lady that I normally am......

I've been dealing with my accountant and setting up a bank account for Arc of Angel Light and boy, does that make me feel growed up and 'portant .... although I have to say dealing with that side of things does suck all the joy, wonder and fun out of doing this ...... well, it could if I didn't have an extremely lovely accountant, who is an absolute angel at answering my questions :D

It did get me thinking about how far I have grown in just the four months since I opened my business, yes, I'm running at a financial loss but the things I have done, the people I have met and the courses I've taken have opened up more and more avenues and excitement for me and more than make up for the pitful bank account and that feels me with such pride and awe. 

Back in October I made the decision that I would walk this branch of the Path, at the time I was like a toddler with the training wheels taken off... I worried and fretted that I couldn't do it on my own, I stressed about how I would meet people and therefore how would I 'network' and 'sell my wares' and all that stress and worry came to nought!  The Angels provided for me when I handed it all over to them with a 'here you go, I trust you'

 LOL - that's not to say that I still don't fret and stress ... just maybe not as much!

I have been incredibly blessed with the most amazing mentor and friend who is showing me the way and doubly blessed with my bestie who is my sounding board, kick butter extradoinaire and chief cheerleader.  She's come a long way with me and I thank the Angels every day for her.

Blessings to you all

Lesley x x x

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