Friday, 26 April 2013

De-cluttering .... Random thoughts

Love is what makes the world go round - or is it money - or is it a combination of the two??

Just the random thoughts of mine today and for some reason it's been stuck in my head all day - would I rather be rich and lonely or loved and poor as a church mouse? I think it's because the card I drew today was all about de-cluttering and riding oneself of all that no longer serves.

It's easy to accumulate rubbish, my home is filled with objects that 'may be of use one day' and as I look round I've mentally consigned several bin bags to the dump...

But, I've also heard myself thinking 'nooo can't get rid of that so and so gave it to me' - but so and so is no longer part of my life, the object is not a precious piece of art or anything of any purpose and whatever sentimental value I placed on the object has long been forgotten so, do I keep or do I 'de-clutter' and free the space for more meaningful objects to take their place???

It's the same with people - there are several people that I don't keep in contact with - but for some reason I keep them in my contact list - I don't speak to them (nor they with me) I don't see them and I haven't worked with them in years.........

So, tonight I'm going to start my de-clutter of every aspect of my home and life - and time to feel the gaps with bigger and better!!

love Raven x x x

(image courtesy of google search - artist unknown)

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