Thursday, 11 April 2013

Beltane Poems and Ponderings!

I've never really connected with the Beltane celebration - I've always been a bit MEH about it - but this year something different has happened - whether its the growth that I went through last year - or whether it's just that I've finally learned to let go of the negative that surrounded this Sabbat for me... or just that I'm desperate to see a bit of Sun!!!

Anyway, this year - not only have I written a poem - I've also written a ritual - yep, me!!! I could have written a ritual for any Sabbat - but Nooooooooooooo - I had to go and pick the one Sabbat I wasn't that keen on - how's that for pushing the boundaries???

I've also been looking at courses I can take - to really get in touch with the Witch Within! ... LOL - and that was another poem!!

love Raven x x x


  1. This is a beautiful poem may I read it to a UU congregation where we are doing an entire Beltane service?

  2. Of course you may :D thank you for the comments x