Saturday, 16 February 2013

Never turn down a helping hand...

I've blogged about this before ... how to keep going when it all feels like to much effort and the way looks blocked with that many obstacles that the only way through is to buy a bulldozer!!

I've  had a week like that....

Hubby has been made redundant and has undergone knee surgery which has effectively ruled him out of doing the job that he has been doing all his working life, just as we were getting our heads above water financially.... my youngest daughter has hit puberty with a vengenance and I'm just starting the menopause ... yep, good times all round ...........not!!!

But, then I guess it depends how you view things... I could take the easy way out and rail at Fate and the Universe and sit at a pity party for one bemoaning my lot and feeling like the world is against me (ok - so I did do that a bit *blush* )

So, what do you do when things look so black and there is no light ........... call out for help, either friends, family even strangers .... everyone has a story to tell and they can help you to look at the bigger picture.... like how, being in menopause brings me to a whole new chapter in my life, I can now carry a handbag with me which I can fill the internal compartments with crystals rather than 'other things'!!  Instead of moaning about hot flashes and restless nights - how I can embrace my own internal temperature guage and dress in pretty layers rather than one big old lumpy jumper, and sleepless nights mean more time to read......... it's not going to last forever and I should enjoy the bits I can while I can!

My daughter is growing up, she's turning into a young lady with her own identity and I should cherish the moments when we aren't fighting like cat and dog!!!!

Hubby will get another job, we won't lose the house and the time at home with him in the evenings are all the more special after 10 + years of feeling like I was a single parent with an occassional bed mate!! ..

Yes, things on this Path challenge us, frustrate us and sometimes confuse us - but, this is my Path and I love everything about it - even the bad times - as I know that to balance the light I need the dark - how else will I know I am happy if sometimes, a little sadness doesn't come....

So, here's to the next chapter in my life ........... bring it on, I'm ready!!!

love Raven x x x

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