Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Comfort Zone <<<<<<<<<<<<< Me!

LOL - I had to giggle at the Rune draw today - it's so apt for me I have been waging war within myself, I've been battling all kinds of obstacles lately and they have all been self-induced ....

Hubby got made redundant and I think I used that as an excuse (having him around all the time when I was used to my evenings free) to not meditate, or even if I did I wasn't doing it properly.

But, then I got to thinking, life changes it's in a constant state of flux and trying to stick hard and fast to a set of procedures was going to do nothing but frustrate and upset me - so I let go of the 'rules' and started to let life flow round me once again.

And that led to me stepping way outside my comfort zone... I (along with two of my sisters at KW) have booked to go on a retreat in May, .......... me.......... the person that gets physically sick when I have to meet people for the first time......... yep, me!

Not only that (although that is very, very exciting) I've written my first ritual for public consumption *gulp* I've done rituals before for myself and I've attended quite a few offline and online rituals, some have been fantastic and some have been so shambolic I found myself wondering what the heck i'm doing there, and now I've set myself up for people to wonder that about mine......... will it be fantastic........ I hope so! but even if it isn't I've taken the first step to being what I want to be ... a Witch that says I can ......... and by doing it, by pushing myself I will grow on this Path and learn more and then I can help others along the way!

Yep, I'm a Spiritual Warrior and the only way is UP!!!!

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