Sunday, 10 February 2013

Meditation magic

I've just had an amazing meditation and if you don't mind I will share...

It started by me meeting my Spirit Guide and power animal ... Granny and White stag!!!

Then I was in a cottage watching a crone boil up a salve and apply a cold compress to my leg (I have eczema and it flares up after energy work) then after I thanked her it was like I was in a tunnel and the cottage faded from view as I was whipped backwards ..

Then I was with Aine who kissed my forehead and pointed at my heart, she then led me to a Forest and 'gave me' to Herne ... Both of them then led me to a crystal pool and I walked in and submerged ... Let everything go .. I walked out naked and they wrapped me in a cloak and led me to a Path in the forest ....

At the very end of the Path miles in the distance I could see bright white light and we started to walk this Path all three of us holding hands with me in their cloak!
I feel a great sense of being at home and at peace today, I am so very blessed with my family and my friends. 
And, so now I am going to sit on the settee and read up on Herne and welcome His presence into my life. 
Blessings to all 
Raven x x x

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