Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Every cloud ...........

My thoughts lately have been very introspective and all about manifesting my reality, when I was younger I was very much a pessimist - what could go wrong, would go wrong and it would be all my fault ... so, that's the intent I put out into the Universe....... it's taken me a lot of soul searching, a lot of tears, and a lot of work to get me to the space that I am in currently!

We talk a lot, as Witches, about living in the moment, enjoying it and making it the best that we can - but do we walk the walk?? I know I have a tendancy to be 'bummed' when things don't go my way and then I have a few days of nothing going my way......... like attracts like.....

So, I've been making a concious effort to stay upbeat, to react with love and not misery to situations that have been beyond my control - seeing the bigger picture and looking and finding that silver lining - but let me tell you - that takes work.......... a lot of work!!!!

And, what makes it harder is when it's not you directly that is in the firing line of the darker aspects of life .... hubby is bummed out about his knees and the unemployment situation - and trying to keep him and me upbeat and positive takes it's toll - and there are moments when I just want to scream with frustration and yell at the Universe "why me"......... but, and this is the best bit, something will happen that makes you think ........ "yay me" - because there is a reason for everything that happens - it's just that the Universe doesn't work to the same timescale as us!!

Today's "yay me" was brought to me by my wonderful friends stepping in to boost me through a little slump.....

So, I give thanks to the Goddess for sending me the best friends a girl could ever wish for and for blessing me with a hubby that understands when I get 'snitty'!

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x

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