Monday, 10 December 2012

A look back at the 2012

Every year around this time I take a moment to look back on all that has happened throughout the year for me to take stock and to find areas that I need to work on and to give thanks and appreciate all the blessings which in the normal day - to - day grind get missed!

For some reason today seems to be the day that I do that - it has been a total roller coaster of a year - some massive highs with equally massive lows - but lets see how much I remember!

January - I started the year on tenterhooks about my job - I was hopeful that I would get taken on permanently and that the woman I was covering maternity leave for wouldn't come back - I was still looking at ways to continue my Witchy studies and was feeling a bit disconnected from my Path - I closed Witches Haven down and had a 'parting of the ways' with some dear friends (who I still miss like crazy) but the KW forum was there for me to continue journalling! 

February - was a whirl wind of job interviews and getting knocked back and building myself up for the next one and getting knocked back and rejected and then finally I got a bit ranty with the Goddess and stopped allowing people to use me as a doormat - I don't think that was all about the job but it needed to be said - and in March the Goddess answered my prayers and blessed me with THE job!

March - urgh how I don't want to remember this month - this was the month that I was guided to do a releasing ritual - I had to throw chocolate from my Ostara altar into the sea and each chocolate had a fear, worry, insecurity to take with it (this was just before landing the job) .... I was let go from my employment and was in a hiatus - so I met up with Tansy and whilst drinking chai latte the seed for the KWSNW was born ....... and then I got the call that I had the job - we are woot, woot right - two weeks into working for them and Mum died - yes she was ill, very ill, but it was sudden.  Then, another of my friends left the circle of friendship - seems March was a total balance of gain and loss...

April - we sent Mum onto Summerlands and I settled down to live life without her guidance (although she is always near me) and we wrote the lessons for KWSNW - it was good to focus on that and not to be blindsided by grief - but we all know you can't hide from emotions - they so come and 'get ya' when you are least expecting it!!! My Path was taking leaps and bounds and the Empathy was just one of the gifts that I started to appreciate and learn to work with

May - this was a busy, busy hectic month - the day Tin told us she'd booked the flights was the day I found out that I had to move out of my house for a couple of weeks so my daughter and her family would have somewhere to stay when their house was sorted out by the landlord .....confused - yes me too! But, the Goddess knows what she is doing - and the month we went live with the school  - Ohhhhh and just one small, tiny thing - I met my Patron Goddess (who I've been working with for three whole years - but sometimes I'm a little slow!!!!)

June - do you know I really can't remember much about June - I had my haircut short (totally regret that) but other than that I really didn't have that much going on!  Ohhh wait - I remember now - TIN came :D we spent many happy hours doing Witchy stuff in Witchy places accompanied by a bear called Arthur ... we also had all the team leaders in the same country so we did a lot of bonding :) and those bonds are now forged so tight that nothing will break them !!! This was also the month that I had the first little inkling that I was able to channel Spirit!

July - I think that the events thus far just caught up with me and I scuttled back into my head for a while to get things straight  - the school continued to flourish and although I missed Tin like mad (still do) our Spirits are now so connected that it actually feels strange to know that she is so far away - I feel like she is in the next room - but Tansy, Sun and I continued to met up and plan and giggle and laugh and eat cake, something happened in this month that cemented the friendship between us all it's very definitely a Sisterhood - we will bicker, we will sulk and we will giggle 'cos that's what Sisters do!

August - I don't really remember anything happening ......... on the mundane level I know I was still struggling with the loss of Mum and housework - I remember doing a lot of decluttering! Ohh and I celebrated 14 years marriage with hubby!

September - Ahhh this was another roller coaster month for me - our first offline ritual - Mabon - my poem went viral on FB and I felt all kinds of emotions because of that .... and as we were at QECP for our ritual I heard the news that my Aunt had passed to Summerland - Mabon showed me the true meaning of balance that day!

October - Mmmm Samhain and reading for the students at the school - and finally trying my hand at Scrying - I think this month I spent a lot of time working on my gifts and learning ways to work with them and not fight them - my poor little Runes tho have become almost blank I've used them so much - I may just have to invest in some more!!! LOL - our Samhain ritual will forever be etched on my mind as it was the first that we drummed at - yep we can keep time - but stopping at the same time - that one defeated us - but I personally love the laughter we bring to our rituals ..........

November - Not a good month - things seemed to suddenly fall apart for several of my friends in relationships and the dominant emotion of the month was sadness..... Unfortunately, I had got blase about shielding and had a 'wake up' call but, that led to some revelations and some more work on myself - and rather than wobble and hide - I used the lesson to grow!

And that brings us to December - this month is tough for everyone, but I'm getting through it - it will be exactly how it needs to be and I will be in exactly the right place at the right time to deal with it ........ I am really looking forward to our ritual at QECP on the 29th - it will be cold, it will be frosty and I will be surrounded by my loved ones both in Spirit and the physical - what's not to get excited about???

So, looking back how has this year gone for me ......... well, someone said 2012 would be a BIG year - and they weren't wrong - but I have a feeling the 2013 is going to be an AWESOME year - so much exciting stuff to come from the School and work and I have a feeling that my Gifts are going to keep growing .... I have a Peruvian Guide now that just loves to 'nod' at me......... :)

I, heartily recommend doing this - taking a moment and just looking back over the year - if you think it's been all doom and gloom - I think you will be wonderfully surprised at how many blessings and good times the Goddess gave you!

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x

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