Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Kobo......Kindle.... Book ?????

So, I was gifted a lovely Kobo for my birthday and I've downloaded many a good book - some classics, some witchy, some just for the heck of it.......... then my lovely friends started putting up free kindle links on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kitchenwitchuk - so I was a little bit peeved as the kobo didn't cater for the ones that took my fancy .............

However, some I found were free on the Kobo so they went on to my ever expanding library - and then DA, DA, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - I discovered that there is an app for Kindle that's free for my iPhone - so the ebooks I can't get on Kobo but only on Kindle can now be read on my iPhone ........

With me??

And then, there is a book I've wanted for ages, Embracing the Moon by  Yasmine Galenorn which can't be found on Kindle, Kobo or iPhone ........ so I purchased it from Amazon ..........

LOL - yep I love books - now all I need is the time to read them all!

Love Raven x x x

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