Friday, 1 June 2012

K is for ........... Keeping the Faith

Well, it's Friday it's 2 minutes past six and it's time for the PBP blog entry - and unfortunately for me we are still on K ............ so, as Kyanite, Kali and all the other K's that I thought of have been done and done well - what's a Witch to do ...... well I guess Keeping the Faith is what I want to talk about today!

I've blogged before about Witches that like to talk the talk - but are so far from walking the walk that they really ought to have a whole new 'tag' for them - how about LibroWitch ......... you know the ones that have read every single book going and therefore feel qualified to tell you that you are WRONG, very WRONG and you must instantly cease and desist all forms of Witchcraft!

Or, the ones that believe they own Witchcraft and every aspect of it - I mean how very dare you try to grow beyond what is expected of you - and how extremely rude of you to not prostrate yourself at their feet and worship the very ground they walk upon!

When confronted by these people it's extremely difficult to Keep the Faith (got there in the end) and to keep believing that the Goddess has a plan for you which actually does involve not only knowing these people but having them in your life!

I am extremely fortunate in that I have a very strong and wonderful support system - and now the actions of others will merely cause a ripple in my calm waters, but when I first started out I was TERRIFIED of making a mistake, I soaked up every bit of advice and any suggestions that were sent my way and these people made sure I knew who to thank and who to acknowledge .........But, I have to say that their actions and suggestions were not of the Faith I wished to Keep ............ the words Perfect Love and Perfect Trust are so much more than a glib saying ..........

Don't get me wrong I am not the font of all things Witchy, I am still first and foremost a LibroWitch I love to read and I would never, ever, ever tell someone that they are doing anything in the Craft wrongly - it may not be my way but hey - live and let live right????

I just hope, pray and wish with all my heart that the people of Pagan persuasion learn to Keep the Faith and would stop ripping into people that do things differently - there shouldn't be ANY judgement in a peace based spirituality!

Not the best PBP post ever written - but it's what it wanted to be - and if you are still with me .......... Thanks for reading!!!

love Raven x x x

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  1. I personally rather love the ranty posts, so have at it! Too many people DON'T speak up about stuff like this because of those self-entitled individuals who think they own everything and your mother to boot... good job!