Monday, 22 October 2012

Poems and Feeling Humble

Today I was going to share my Samhain poem with you all .. it feels a little bit redundant now as the beautiful Tansy Firedragon put it on facebook all pimped and proper and's taken on a life of it's own :o !!

  For anyone that hasn't seen it ....

I have to say seeing everyone's reaction to my poem has really made me feel so incredibly grateful for my 'gift' - when I was at school I was told by my teacher that I didn't have any talent and I should stick to writing short stories - so to see my little creation 'go viral' just made me feel so overwhelmed...

For a poet, for someone that can talk the hind legs of a donkey and for someone that can waffle for England I really don't have the words of gratitude that I feel at the moment!

That's it - I've come over all unnecessary again .....

Til next time

love n light always

Raven x x x

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