Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lightbulbs and Waffle

Do you compartmentalize your life???

Do you hide the you that is YOU away from friends and family??

I've noticed lately that I had a tendency to hide parts of my life from friends and family, if people would ask me how I was feeling the answer would be 'I'm good - how are you?' - I would immediately take the focus off of me.

Why did I do that ?? - I can only assume (as I don't have a time turner and can't go back in time) that I was saying everything was ok and turning the focus off of myself so that I could stay in my safe, comfortable pity party for one!

Does that sound harsh? - yes, and it needs to be - I spent a lot of time feeling like I was a victim - wandering through life saying "why me, why does this happen to me" - and now I realise these things happened to me because I attracted them to me by constantly thinking that it WOULD happen....

Now, I'm not saying that I'm wonderful and 100% positive ALL the time - but now when someone asks me how I am - I'm honest - when I have a bad day I say so, (believe me you soon find out who really wants to know by the people that stop asking :P).  I feel more myself, I feel more confident and I feel more open to the positive in my life because I've stopped asking "why me" and started asking "why NOT me" - why shouldn't I be loved, why shouldn't I be successful...........

One of the things I have learnt (am still learning) on this journey is that reaching higher planes of awareness does not mean that you no longer have problems - it's not the 'happy ever after' - all it does mean is that the means of coping with the issues and problems is different ... and also they don't seem as bad as they used to...........

Nice to see my waffle mode fully engaged today :)

love Raven x x x 

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