Friday, 12 October 2012

Not so Great Expectations ..........

When I first started on this journey I had no expectations and lots and lots of questions, now I've been walking with the Goddess for a while I still have lots and lots of questions, but I do have certain expectations and if those expectations aren't met I feel let down and sometimes hurt!

Are my expectations too lofty??

1:  My first expectation is that when someone has said they are this, that and the other and they have been studying, living, crafting etc for oodles of years - well, I kinda expect them to know what they are talking about... it's a bit like going to the car mechanic - you wouldn't expect him to know about an endowment mortgage but you would expect him to know one end of a carburetor from another - yes?

2:  My second expectation is that if someone tells me I'm wrong, completely and utterly don'tknowhowyoumanagetogetdressedinthemorning wrong I would like them to be able to give me more than "because I don't do it that way" as a reason! - yes?

3:  Now this third expectation . one of the first things I read when I started to research what it was that made me different to everyone else was The Spiral Dance (I suspect one of the first books for many) and that led me to purchase The Twelve Wild Swans by the same author (Starhawk) and I'm not sure which book it is in but she talks about paying it forward - or giving back - and basically she talks about teaching and giving of yourself and your knowledge without expecting honors, titles and glorification - so for me it's difficult to believe (even tho I have first hand knowledge of this) that there are Elders, HP's, Shamans and Druids out there that are not walking the walk .... they believe that they invented this Path and that they are the only ones entitled to discuss, teach, muse or opine about anything relating to this Path - that saddens me - to them it's all about the glory, being seen to be doing the right thing even tho behind the scenes they are busy backstabbing, colluding and plotting downfalls of any pretensious upstart that dares to defy them!

So, those are my expectations of the people that I meet along this Path of mine - too lofty an ideal - or just the average Witch wishing the best for themselves and all others along the way??

love and blessings

Raven x x x

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