Saturday, 17 December 2011

What is Yule................

As a Witch I celebrate Yule AND Christmas with my family.....

But what exactly is Yule...................

It is the celebration of the wheel of the year turning, it is the Winter Solstice the shortest day of the year, it is when the Sun God is reborn. The time of the Holly King is over and the Oak King will return. Light will now begin to return to the land and the crops will once more flourish.

Many of the traditions of Yule are still honoured around the world although they are now thought of as Christian traditions.  For instance, Pagans would hang holly as a decoration in the form of a wreath on the door to honour the out going Holly King.  

A Yule Log would be brought in to celebrate his rebirth as Oak King.  Today this is in the form of a cake.........YUM!!!   Mistletoe, which is sacred to the Sun, is used to invoke fertility hence the kissing under the mistletoe ;-) 

Sacred trees were decorated with offerings (The modern Christmas tree only dates back to Victorian times in this country!!!). 

Even Santa dates back to Pagan traditions as the original Victorian Card often depicted Santa as a man in Green honouring the Green Man God, it was only in the 1930's when Coca Cola began depicting him as the fat, jolly man we all know today that the image stuck!

It is a time of gift giving and thanks giving to the Goddess and God for the gifts that they will bring to us 

I would like to think that whether you celebrate Yule, Christmas or Hanukkah, you will also join me in thinking about others less fortunate than ourselves, by cherishing our family and friends and by caring about all the other life we share this planet with.

Wishing you a bright and blessed Holiday, no matter how you celebrate it!!

love and bright blessings 

bunni x x x 

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